We saw a need for a new clinic in this community.

As a community, we have been on the back foot of disease processes with Arkansas leading the Country in rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. We believe that it’s time to change that, let's progress.


That is why Revive Lifestyle Medicine was formed. We knew that the best way to provide patients with the medical care they need while also addressing those problems and questions meant combining our resources and specialties to give Little Rock a new lifestyle medicine experience. This clinic is unique in that we provide services that patients usually have to go to three or four different clinics to obtain.  Focus is placed on providing services that operate out of the functional health system.   Specialty services such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid and metabolic optimization, vaginal rejuvenation, and an array of aesthetic services are provided along with general wellness services.  From the flu shot to sports recovery we have you covered. 

“We are not a bandaid healthcare group.”


Revive Lifestyle Medicine is dedicated to addressing those concerns about your energy levels, your sex drive, weight loss struggles, and aesthetics issues. Our patients deserve to be heard, taken seriously, and given possible solutions.