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About Revive

Revive Lifestyle Medicine is a new healthcare clinic in Little Rock, AR, dedicated to giving patients a higher quality of life and revitalized health. We offer a full range of general practice services, with emphasis on men and women's hormone replacement, metabolic achievement, and aesthetic skin care procedures.


Our Services

MetAbolic &




IV Therapy

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Weight Loss

Weight is a reflection of your overall health. We focus on developing healthy lifestyle habits, thyroid management, and hormone balance to ensure long-lasting results that help you look and feel your absolute best.


Hormone Therapy

Proper hormone levels may reduce the risk of health issues such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, and diabetes while also improving your mood, energy, and sex drive. Our approach to natural hormone replacement has been a game-changer for our patients.


Membership Packages

*All memberships require a 6-month commitment and include the provided list of services on a monthly basis. If at any point before the commitment period is over you want to cancel your membership, the remainder of the monthly fees for the rest of the 6-month period must be paid in full. 




Optimag 125

Magnesium supports cardiovascular health, energy production, and a healthy metabolism to keep you active and on the go.



This multivitamin is packed with antioxidants and daily vitamins to give you comprehensive nutritional support.


MTHF + B12

Healthy B12 levels are key in red blood cell health, immune health, and nervous system health.




DIM is essential in maintaining a balanced estrogen metabolism, helping prevent breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.



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