Hormone Replacement Therapy


Revive Lifestyle Medicine is a regional leader in providing hormone therapy treatments. Hormones, while often simply categorized as the culprit of mood swings and erratic behavior, are essential in your body’s daily functions. Any imbalance or deficiency can cause a myriad of problems.

Common reasons a patient might need hormone therapy include:

As we age, our hormone levels naturally begin to decline. In women, this exacerbates the symptoms of menopause, and in men, it can lead to a testosterone deficiency otherwise known as andropause. Low hormone levels also contribute to: lack of energy and fatigue during the day difficulty sleeping at night reduced mental focus and memory moody, anxious, or depressed attitudes weight gain, particularly around the midsection inability to lose weight, regardless of a healthy diet and exercise decreased muscle strength muscle and/or joint pain reduced sex drive and performance

Studies have shown that optimized hormones can treat these symptoms and may also reduce the risk of osetoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

At Revive Lifestyle Medicine, we provide patients with multiple options to achieve hormone optimization, including synthetic hormone replacement and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Synthetic Hormone Replacement: This is the traditional treatment method for male hormone deficiency, and many men still prefer this option to help keep their testosterone levels healthy as they age. Dosage varies person to person, and there are possible side effects to using this method. Revive does not provide synthetic progestins in the menopausal/perimenopausal female due to relative increased risk of cardiac disease and female related cancers.

BioTE Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) by Pellet Delivery: plant-derived hormones that are moleorcularly identical to the hormones naturally produced in your body. This is a trending treatment option because of its high effectiveness and lowered risk of dangerous side effects. Small pellets are placed under the skin to release hormones consistently into the bloodstream over the span of up to five months.

Topical BHRT Topical therapies are used by many patients for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Like BioTE, hormones prescribed at Revive are Bioidentical in nature and compounded by local pharmacies. Topical creams or gels are applied to different areas of the body to target and maximize symptom management. Our relationship with local compounding therapies and our team approach to your health create outstanding outcomes for you, our patient.

+ Thyroid Management

Hypothyroidism is a condition where your body doesn’t produce enough of the needed thyroid hormone, causing bodily functions to slow down. Think of your Thyroid Gland as the "thermostat" of your body. Thyroid issues are incredibly common among those with autoimmune diseases, certain cancers, or those who have had thyroid removal surgery or radiation therapy.

The thyroid hormone regulates and assists in many of the body’s regular functions such as energy consumption, temperature management, and major organ function. Symptoms of low thyroid in the bloodstream include: Feeling constantly cold or chilly

Becoming more easily tired

Developing drier skin

Becoming uncharacteristically forgetful or depressed


Weight gain

If you are experiencing these symptoms, and/or have a family history of hypothyroidism, consult a medical professional about getting tested and your treatment options.

At Revive Lifestyle Medicine, we offer comprehensive thyroid tests as well as replacement treatment options. Without the thyroid hormone, your body cannot function as necessary, posing serious health risks if left untreated. Each case is different and may become more or less severe over time, causing your medication dosage levels to fluctuate. You have to make a lifetime commitment to treatment and working with your healthcare provider to stabilize your thyroid hormones. Thyroid treatment involves making dietary lifestyle modifications, natural, and/or prescription medications.

+ Weight Loss Management

You’ve probably noticed that it’s a lot harder to lose weight in your 40s and beyond than it was when you were in your teens and 20s. Weight loss becomes harder as we age because of a decrease in sex hormone production, and an increase in stress hormone production. If you’ve struggled with weight loss even with a healthy diet and exercise, you may want to consult a healthcare provider about whether BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) is right for you.

Studies show that declining levels of growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, and many other integral hormones can begin as early as our 30's. When the bloodstream isn’t filled with the hormones the body needs to fully function, your body loses the ability to regulate the processes that cause weight loss, causing: Slower metabolism Increase in abdominal fat Less energy for exercise

Revive tailors your treatment plan to your body’s specific needs based on blood test and in-depth knowledge of hormone chemistry in the body. BHRT replenishes your body with the necessary hormones it needs to keep your body healthy and able to lose weight. When coupled with healthy eating habits and exercise, hormone replacement can work wonders for helping you manage your weight as you get older.

Hormonal balance as well as what we place on and into our bodies is vital to our health. At Revive emphasis is placed on lifestyle choices and hormonal balance. You see, every bite we take, every lotion we apply has a hormonal consequence in the body. It is important to understand these principles while on hormone replacement therapy. Enchancement by supplementation of nutrients an minerals is often times necessary. Revive Lifestyle uses Xymogen supplements to meet these needs. We carry a full array of Xymogen products in our office.